NBA Infinite takes it to the paint on All-Star Weekend

We’ve all sat in the comfort of our own homes and played armchair playmakers. Well starting tomorrow, NBA Infinite from developer Lightspeed Studios is challenging you to put your skills to the test. Free to play on iOS and Android the title will allow you to build your dream NBA team with real players such as Steph Curry, RJ Barrett, De’Aaron Fox and the game’s first icon athlete Karl-Anthony Towns as you try to win it all in Dynasty mode. Complete in game modes such 1v1, 3v3, 5v5 and even skill based modes such as 3 Point competitions. Visually the game looks comparable to 2K’s offerings but the arcade controls will ensure you’re actually going to have fun!

The game also adds actual announcers such as Mark Jones, Michael Körner, Xavier Vaution and Rômulo Mendonça to give the title some verisimilitude regardless of what language you play it in.

The game is set for a global launch on February 17th at 6pm EST/3pm PST during All-Star Weekend. So what All-Star squad will you put together?

NBA Infinite Take Your Shot Longform:

20240207 NBA Infinite Take Your Shot Longform