Learn about combat, vehicle customization and town building in this new Sand Land Gameplay Overview Video

I can’t get away with stating the obvious, so I better get it out of the way now. The creator of Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama created Sand Land and this IP is getting an open world video game late April. The game’s publisher Namco Bandai released a gameplay overview video that covers several mechanics in the game.

The first topic covered is on-foot combat. You play as Beelzebub, a plucky demon prince looking to find a mythical spring that can bring water to the world. In his travels throughout the sand lands you’ll run into raiders and creatures looking to prey upon you. Thankfully, despite his small stature the prince packs a punch and as he continues to fight, he’ll gain experience that can be used to bolster his strength.

As strong as he is, there will be some enemies that are too strong for him to take on without aid. This is where vehicles come into play, tanks, walkers and even the lowly cart can be used to outmaneuver large creatures. However it’s cannons, missiles and other projectiles that will put down these threats. Work alongside the genius mechanic Anne to customize your vehicles to ensure they pack a punch, and store up to 5 vehicles in capsules so you can utilize them in combat or even exploration and traversal.

While the journey will take you far, Beelzebub isn’t opposed to setting down some roots. This is what the settlement of Spino serves at. While it starts off as a dump, your hardwork and contribution will turn it into a self-sustaining city and draw in residents who can ultimately aid you in your adventure.

These are just small samples of the things you can do in this desert world, other things include races, bounties and even combat arenas. Essentially adventure is where you find it and in Sand Land you’re not gonna have to go too far to get some! Sand Land is coming to PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms on April 26th 2024.

SAND LAND – Gameplay Overview