Big speed in a small package as RC Revolution charges to February 15th release

If I had a normal childhood of playing outdoors, I probably would’ve found myself a fan of RC car racing. Alas time has passed and hanging out in a park with a RC Car might solicit way too many “friendly” chats with local police officers…so video games it is.

Thankfully Phren Games might be able to sate my non-simulation driving needs with their upcoming title RC Revolution. 21 cars represent 6 classes which can race on 28 tracks that are situated in 7 locations, which means plenty of variety to ensure you’re having fun indoors. Play it straight or add some boosters and power ups to really make the action chaotic! Different modes for drifting and stunts prevent the title from getting dull and you can even flex your creative muscles with the game’s built in track editor!

Being inside won’t keep you from socializing as the game also features a multiplayer mode that supports up to 8 players. Race, climb the leaderboards and earn currency to buy cosmetics for your car!

RC Revolution will be released on PC first on February 15th with console ports coming at a later date with the title featuring cross-platform play!

RC Revolution screens:

RC Revolution | Official Announcement Trailer:

RC Revolution | Official Announcement Trailer