RC Revolution waves the start flag on PC

You console folks have your Forzas and your Gran Turismos, but sometimes you want your speed at a smaller scale. Phren Games are here to give you what you want with RC Revolution, it’s a remote control car racer that is out on PC now.

Choose from six body types, apply various parts and over one hundred cosmetics to create your own ride as you speed through twenty eight tracks situated in locations such as the suburbs, the beach and more. Whether you’re living life a quarter block at a time or you’re a drift king, earn Respect points to purchase additional cosmetics all without spending any real life money. You can also play with up to 7 additional people with the game’s 8 player multiplayer modes. Set up tournaments, fight for the top spot on leaderboards and enjoy racing RC cars from the comfort of your own couch.

The game is available now on PC and for the first 2 weeks of the game’s release the game will enjoy a 33% discount. So don’t hesitate unless you like paying more…which I’m sure the devs will definitely appreciate that.

RC Revolution will be coming to consoles later in the year, stay tuned to the game’s various social media accounts (Discord community, Facebook, X, YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, TikTok, Threads and Imgur) to get the latest updates.

RC Revolution – Launch Trailer:

RC Revolution - Launch Trailer