See civilian life through Ichiban’s eyes in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s opening movie

He might’ve had a hand in dissolving the 2 biggest Yakuza organizations in Japan, prevented an aspiring, but corrupt politician from destroying the gray zones in Japanese Society, but after the grand adventure that was portrayed in Like a Dragon, Kasuga Ichiban has taken up a more mundane existence.

In the opening movie of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, see civilian life through the “Hero of Yokohama”. Clock out at his contract job at Hello Work(A temp agency which he seeks to give former yakuza a second chance at life), grabbing a beef bowl for dinner, doing some shopping at the local Poppo, interjecting into a minor dispute at the bar district and finally treating a downtrodden fellow to a good evening. He closes out the day in his modest apartment, pays respect to his deceased father and “brother”, Masami and Masato Arakawa. Little does he know this mundane routine will be broken as a grand adventure awaits him once players hit “New Game” when Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth comes out in a mere few days.

Reviews for the title have been positive, giving the studio its first title to debut with a 9.0/90 at the major review aggregators. We too will be publishing a review for the title in the following days. Will we follow the chorus of positive praise or will we be a sole dissenter who proclaims that a Yakuza can never change their stripes…stay tuned to our front page to catch our verdict once it’s published.

Otherwise get ready for a grand adventure that spans both coasts of the Pacific when Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth reaches our shores January 26th on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.