Harvest Moon 64, 1080º Snowboarding, Jet Force Gemini join the Nintendo Switch Online library

Nintendo is still finding more classic console titles to add to its Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack library.  This latest wave focuses on a trio of diverse Nintendo 64 titles: Harvest Moon 64, 1080º Snowboarding, Jet Force Gemini.

The enhanced releases feature the bells and whistles that come along with being added to Nintendo Switch Online including online play if applicable, save states and more.

Check out some screens of the releases and the details below.

Nintendo Switch Online – Harvest Moon 64, 1080º Snowboarding, Jet Force Gemini screens:

A cornucopia of classic Nintendo 64 games are back in season! Farm and find love in the cozy Harvest Moon 64 game, shred some snow in 1080º Snowboarding and thwart an interstellar threat in Jet Force Gemini. All three games land on the Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online library today, where they will be available to play for everyone with a Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership.

In Harvest Moon 64, you’ve inherited your grandfather’s farm near the quaint Flower Bud village. As the new farmer in town, you’ll have your work cut out for you and a bounty of activities to engage in. Clear the land, till the soil, and then plant, water and sell your crops for profit. Raise and care for livestock, including cows, chickens and sheep. Or meander about town and visit the shops while getting to know the other townsfolk. You can even find someone special to start a family with! Then watch the seasons roll by, bringing with them new challenges, festivities and sights to see. This is your farm life, so live it by your whims!

Grab your snowboard and get ready to look cool while shredding down the steep, snowy inclines of the 1080º Snowboarding game. Choose from five different boarders, each with their own attributes and special tricks, and then head down the mountain across several game modes including Match Race, Trick Attack and 2P VS. Play solo or online and land impressive tricks, including the titular 1080º (ten eighty). Feel the sensation of speed and brave the cold – right from the warmth of your living room!

Face a dark threat from deep space in Jet Force Gemini, developed by Rare and originally released on the Nintendo 64 system in 1999. The galaxy is being infested by the evil Mizar and his horde of Drones. Together, the Jet Force Gemini team must travel in search of Mizar’s lair to save the day. But can Juno, Vela and their faithful dog Lupus rout the galactic threat before it’s too late? Experience the interstellar adventure solo and explore more than ten cosmic locations, or pair up with a friend to tackle evil Drones in two-player co-op mode. Plus, up to four players can vie for supremacy in Battle Mode!*