More partygoers enter Samba de Amigo: Party Central with Persona 5, Virtual Singer DLC

The tracks don’t stop dropping for Samba de Amigo: Party Central as October’s content drop just went live today. This month’s offering features music from Persona 5, including the opening theme of Persona 5 Royale “Colors Flying High”, the song played when the Phantom Thieves’ calling card has been issued “Life will Change” and “Rivers In the Desert” which is a boss theme from the title. If you want to induct Samba to the phantom thieves, the Joker & Morgana Costume and Accessories Pack will at least make him look the part, featuring a Joker costume w/ accessory and a Morgana Icon.

If human voices put you off then the Virtual Singer pack might be for you. 3 Songs “sung” by Vocalioids that include “The Vampire” by Hatsune Miku (I know her…kinda!), “phony” by Tsumiki ft. KAFU and “Good-bye declaration” by Chinozo.

  • Phantom Thieves of Hearts Music Pack
    • “Colors Flying High”
    • “Life Will Change”
    • “Rivers In the Desert”
  • Joker & Morgana Costume and Accessories Pack
    • Includes a Joker (Persona 5) costume and accessory for Amigo, along with a Morgana icon
  • Virtual Singer Music Pack
    • “The Vampire”
    • “phony”
    • “Good-bye declaration”

October has come and gone, but November will bring more tracks to the maracas shaking title. The next packs are Amigo’s Favorites Music Pack and Party Music Pack, what they contain is anyone’s guess, but I’m sure they’ll all get your body moving.

Samba De Amigo: Party Central is available now exclusively on the Switch.