Mighty Boy Studio reveals Babylon X

Who loves alternate history? If so Babylon X is a title you might want to give a gander to. Developed by Mighty Boy Studio who has alumni from Flying Wild Hog, Saber Interactive, Owlcat Games brings you to a place where Babylon and Egypt accrued technology beyond our current reach.

Take control of Samson and Leykah as the two work together to hinder an impending apocalypse. Utilize the GraviOrb, a device which grants you mastery over gravity in both combat and exploration as you traverse the ancient lands of Babylon, Egypt and the fabled Tower of Babel. Interact with the populace and make decisions which will not only chart your own course of destiny, but theirs as well.

While there is no launch window for the title, Babylon X is expected to come to PC and consoles, let’s hope we will learn more as time passes. Hopefully Mighty Boy Studio will workshop some more names for the title.

Babylon X screens:

Babylon X – Announcement Trailer (4K)

Babylon X - Announcement Trailer (4K)

New fantasy action RPG for PC and consoles by Mighty Boy Studio.

Alternative history of the Ancient World: Mesopotamia, 6000 BC. A technological revolution against the backdrop of an impending apocalypse.

Energy, gravity, and its connections with ancient magic were discovered, leading to technological advancements in Babylon and Egypt. At that point, the struggle for resources had begun.

A former prophet who is now a runaway slave and avenger joins forces with a young moon cult priestess to prevent the imminent construction of the Tower of Babel. Betrayed by all, he starts a new life and finds love in a world that is about to end.