You’re gonna do HARD TIME! in Genshin Impact’s v4.1 update

You’ve witnessed the section of Fontaine that sees the light, but in the next update for Genshin Impact you will stride to the side that is shrouded in darkness. In Version 4.1 which is scheduled to launch on September 27th, your travels will take you into the Fortress of Meropide, situated underwater in the newly available Liffey Region. There you will search for the wrongly convicted Tartaglia and uncover evidence that will prove his innocence. Of course the story will ramp up as yet another Fatui Harbinger will make their presence known…in this case it’s Arlecchino.

Expanding the nation of Fontaine, this update will bring new allies and foes. The Chief Justice Neuvillette and the warden of the Fortress of Meropide Wriothesley will be released for players to recruit. Neuvillette is a Hydro catalyst user who can unleash surging waters with his charge attacks and Wriothesley is a Cryo catalyst user who uses melee attacks (a nice workaround for the 4 weapon system the game has set). Both men can sacrifice their health to deal devastating attacks! The Millennial Pearl Seahorse and Experimental Field Generator are two farmable boss encounters which you can take on to gather character upgrade materials.

Elsewhere reconnect with friends and appreciate culture as Mondstadt and Liyue join forces to hold a poetry festival seemingly hosted by the bard Venti and the Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, Hu Tao who’s been known to drop some rhymes here and there. I’m sure these festivities will lighten the mood in an update whose main theme is so dour…

Version 4.1 releasing on September 27th means it is actually releasing a day before Genshin Impact’s 3rd anniversary! HoYoverse plans on celebrating by offering a plethora of rewards to players old and new. A special daily log-in will let you collect 10 Intertwined Fates (which means a lot of players will have a bunch of 3 star weapons that they will fodder with a select lucky few will get a character or rare weapon). During the course of this update you can also check your in-game mailbox for 2 new gadgets, 2 fragile resin and 1600 primogems. So overall potentially 20 gacha attempts…so will you save it up or cash it in immediately? Either way may RNGesus smile in your favor.

So far I’m thoroughly enjoying the land of Fontaine and I’m absolutely looking forward to discovering new sights and sounds. Genshin Impact Version 4.1 will launch simultaneously on PC, Android, iOS and the PlayStation platform on September 27th

Version 4.1 “To the Stars Shining in the Depths” Trailer | Genshin Impact:

Version 4.1 "To the Stars Shining in the Depths" Trailer | Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact v4.1 screens: