NACON’s extremely comfortable RIG 600 Series Headsets are now available

We live hard lives in this supposed modern world and sometimes we want to just escape in a world of fantasy. Headsets do a great job of isolating you when you are gaming…however your phone rings and you’re forced to tear your headset off and respond to whoever is reaching out. NACON and RIG however want you to keep those headphones on and spare you the extraneous movement with their 600 PRO Dual Wireless Gaming Headset.

Supporting both a USB-C AND Bluetooth connection, these immersion breaking phone calls are no longer a problem as a press of the headset’s multifunction button will allow you to answer a connected phone’s calls all without having to remove the headset from your head. However if you just don’t want to talk, you can easily flip the headset’s mic back into the earcup for a quick and easy deactivation.

The headset’s earcups and support bands are wrapped with a breathable fabric that reduces sweat, further reducing the need to take these things off. Speaking of wearing them all day the headsets’ battery life ranges from 24 hours on a Bluetooth connection and 18 hours

The headsets are now available in stores with retailers such as Walmart and Best Buy stocking them and they cost $99.99.

RIG 600 PRO product shots: