Lies of P accolades trailer show near universal acclaim!

We loved Lies of P and it seems so did many outlets, as NEOWIZ released a new accolades trailer for their Belle Époque action title inspired by the story of Pinocchio. In less than 20 days of release, critics from Niche Gamer, GamingBolt and Game Informer and more gave the title scores of 9.0 and above with IGN declaring the title as “the next best thing”.  The studio isn’t letting this praise get to their head as they have already issued a patch which fixed a plethora of issues and fine tuned the title.

The director of the title Ji Won Choi even issued the following statement in conjunction with the trailer’s release.

“The excitement felt and gratitude to the fans and media for all of the positive support is as strong today as it was when the editorial game reviews and fan feedback first began. Rest assured, we are not done with Lies of P! The first update is available now but that’s not all– there’s more to come. I can’t wait to share what’s next, so stay tuned!”

Players have already dissected the title, looking for hooks where possible DLC can be initiated as well as theorizing what’s next for the world of Krat and the puppet who is free of the Grand Convent. If this praise has made you consider giving the title a shot, the game is available on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platform. If you are a subscriber of Game Pass, you already have access to the title on Xbox, so there’s no stopping you from heeding the call of the blue fairy to start your journey to save the city of Krat.

As for our outlet’s inability to get onto this accolade trailer, I’m sure the team at NEOWIZ had a wide swath of glowing reviews to choose from, however if you were a better wordsmith you could’ve gotten a blurb on the trailer…better luck next time, Stan Yeung. Oh wait, that’s me…

Lies of P is available now.

Lies of P – Accolades Trailer:

Lies of P - Accolades Trailer