Enjoy a My Hero Academia premiere at NYCC thanks to Crunchyroll

As the Paranormal Liberation Arc ramps up in season 6 of My Hero Academia, Crunchyroll is inviting the public attending the upcoming New York Comic Con (October 12th to 15th) to a world premiere of an special episode taking place before 2nd round of Hero Work-Studies.

In this Original Video Animation, Class 1-A is unable to leave the campuses of the U.A. and are reaching a breaking point of boredom. A hero comes along in the form of Year 3 student Mirio Togata who introduces a card game dubbed U.A. Heroes Battle to the gang. A game which features students of the school, everyone take to the game and eventually they determine who is the best at the UA Heroes Battle!

Attendees of the screening will not only enjoy the episode before anyone else in the world (The episode will debut on October 20th in Japan), they will also be presented with limited edition cards for the actual My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game developed by UVS Games! However if you can’t make the screening you can still get ahold of these cards with any purchase at the Crunchyroll Booth during the course of NYCC.

So if you don’t want to miss out, make sure you make your way to the Empire Stage before Friday, October 13 at 5:00pm ET.