ATLUS details new mechanics and foes in a new Persona 5 Tactica info drop!

I’m always keen to spend time with the Phantom Thieves and I’ll get my wish as we get closer to November 17, Persona 5 Tactica gives us a brand new adventure with that plucky band of friends. ATLUS graciously decided to help make the wait a bit more palatable by dropping more information on the title.

You would think rushing into battle is a key to success, but what if I told you waiting has its merits! If you do not take any actions with a character in a given turn, the character will enter a Charged state granting them new abilities, one of which will allow you to deal full damage even when enemies are fully behind cover! Every character has a different ability while charged, so try them all out and utilize them to garner a quick victory.

Being mindful of your surroundings is always important in tactical warfare, it’s the difference between being well protected or completely exposed. The battlefields in Persona 5 Tactica not only have plenty of cover, but has interactable elements, avoid cameras to prevent reinforcements from being called, get higher ground by riding an elevator, bound across the map using Dash Squares and of course detonate explosive barrels to deal AOE damage to groups of foes.

The Velvet Room returns with a new service, weapon crafting! Rather than making new personas, you can select two personas and fuse them into a weapon that can be equipped by your character. Explore the combinations and craft a powerful that can’t be bought!

if you don’t want to turn your precious Persona into implements of destruction, you can equip them onto your party. Each character can take on a Sub-Persona, gaining stat boosts, passive and additional spells!

You’ll need to utilize everything above to tackle some of the tougher enemies you’ll face such as Sumo-maton who can hurl any unit near his proximity at you, be it his allies or yours! The Guarded Geisha will require a coordinated effort to take down as she can block all forward facing attacks thanks to her impenetrable parasol. Finally perhaps the trickiest enemy is the Slimy Shinobi who can create clones of itself making you waste turns if you attack the wrong entity!

I’m confident you dear reader will persevere against those challenges, so maybe taking on past battles on Hard or even Higher Difficulties! Rewards will be greater, but your foes will have greater health and friendly fire will be active. So you will need to be mindful of who’s in your effective attack range, but you could take down your opposition as well as one of your units.

Utilize these and many more mechanics as you and the Phantom Thieves fight your way out of this unknown Metaverse in Persona 5 Tactica! Coming November 17th on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox Platforms.