The voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, has retired

The longtime voice of Mario, Charles Martinet, is apparently officially retiring from his voice-over duties for Nintendo (see the official announcement below).

The 69 year old voice actor has many credits in a number of games, movies and other entertainment projects although his most memorable stint has obviously been as Mario (and Luigi) since waayyy back in the early 1990s.  Sure, Chris Pratt took over the voice of Mario for the recent Super Mario Bros. Movie motion picture, but Charles did have a pretty obvious cameo (as Mario’s Dad, Giuseppe)!

It’s apparently not the last we’ll see of Charles since Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo have a special video message planned for fans in the hopefully near future.   There is no word on who will take over as Mario moving forward.

We of course wish Charles Martinet good luck on his retirement and his new position as Mario Ambassador.