The dates are set for 30XX’s debut on the Nintendo Switch

Those waiting for the follow-up to Batterystaple Games’ 20XX on the Nintendo Switch, your wait might be shorter or longer depending on where you live. That’s right, 30XX finally arrives on the Switch, but the release is staggered. North America will get the title first on September 1st, Europe is next when it receives the title September 12th and Japan has to wait the longest as the title arrives September 28th (Visa issues, maybe?).

Regardless of the wait, players will be treated to a title with endless replay value with its roguelite Standard Mode, or if you’re yearning for a more traditional and static experience, Mega Mode will give you an experience akin to a certain Blue Bomber’s adventures. While you might not be able to create levels of your own, sample everything the PC player base has contributed by taking on Community Levels built using the same toolset the developers use! Also if you’ve got an extra joy con or pro controller, play through the entire game with a friend locally or online!

30XX is also available now on PC via Steam.

30XX – Switch Screens:

30XX – Nintendo Switch Release Date Trailer:

30XX - Nintendo Switch Release Date Trailer

Coming to Nintendo Switch in September 2023!

North America: September 1
Europe/Aus: September 12
Japan: September 28

Jump, shoot, and slash your way through 30XX, the roguelike action platformer you can play with a friend!

Explore lush, ever-changing worlds that mix precise platforming with fevered combat. Destroy fearsome Guardians. Master unique Powers. Rediscover the thousand years we’ve lost.

Awaken a thousand years after 20XX to realize the world that needed you is gone, changed irreversibly by the advent of the Synthetic Mind. Explore the lush, verdant prison our world has become, and fight to save what remains.

Rise. Fight. Fall. Adapt. There’s a sublime meaning in this endless cycle, somewhere, buried deep.