Detective Pikachu officially Returns this October for the Switch

As announced during this morning’s Pokémon Presents streaming event, Detective Pikachu Returns, the long-awaited follow-up to the fun little Nintendo 3DS adventure title, is officially headed to the Nintendo Switch on October 6th, 2023.

So if you’re a Pokémon or Pikachu fan and have been looking for a different type of experience, Detective Pikachu Returns may be right up your alley!

Have a look at the screens and new trailer below, and stay tuned for more.

Detective Pikachu Returns screens:

Detective Pikachu Returns with a Bolt of Brilliance:

Detective Pikachu Returns with a Bolt of Brilliance

Watch the latest trailer for Tim and Pikachu’s new adventure, coming October 6, 2023, to Nintendo Switch systems.

Unravel a series of mysteries across Ryme City with a tough-talking, coffee-loving Pikachu and his human partner, Tim Goodman. When a jewel theft occurs, the case sets this great detective duo down a path filled with mystery. Why did Tim’s father, Harry, go missing? What is causing the Pokémon-related incidents around Ryme City? Answer these questions and more by searching for clues, investigating scenes, and using your case notebook to make deductions.

Talk with Pokémon directly and use their abilities to uncover clues

The gruff Detective Pikachu can talk directly with Pokémon. Learn more about the case and Ryme City as you chat up the local Pokémon. You’ll see a different side of Pokémon as you discover their distinct personalities. Some of these Pokémon use their special skills to assist your investigations. Take a ride on Growlithe to track scents using its sharp sense of smell!

Investigate Ryme City, where Pokémon and people live side by side

Search for clues in Ryme City, where Pokémon and humans live and work side by side. With the help of the city’s Pokémon and people, Tim and his talkative Pikachu partner solve multiple cases. Investigate and deduce as the detective duo, both together and individually, on a search for the truth in this cinematic adventure game.

Need some help with your deductions and game progress? If you ever get stuck during your investigation, you can consult Pikachu to get a hint. You can also activate a correct selection indicator when making deductions or while investigating a scene. With Story Jump Mode, you can choose to play any episode of the story. You can use it to replay episodes that you’ve already completed or skip ahead to episodes you haven’t played yet!