Battle Draculae’s Army in El Paso, Elsewhere

There’s a very ’90s feeling to the latest trailer for El Paso, Elsewhere. Not only do the graphics have a blocky, PS1-esque look to them, as you can see below, the action is also heavy on the bullet-time — which will look awfully familiar to anyone who was alive back when The Matrix was the hottest cultural commodity. (And as someone who lived through that era, realizing it’s now retro makes me feel so, so old.)

Of course, while it’s been around so long it’s practically a cliché at this point, it seems entirely appropriate for a game where you’ve rushing through armies of monsters with Uzis and pistols in order to get to their leader — a vampire named Draculae, which is, uh, kinda familiar-sounding. We’ll get a full taste of what it’s like when El Paso, Elsewhere launches September 26, 2023 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam. In the meantime, here’s a trailer, along with more details!

El Paso, Elsewhere - DRACULAE TRAILER

There was never any coming back from this. Xalavier Nelson Jr. and Strange Scaffold today debuted the “Draculae” trailer for upcoming neo-noir third person shooter El Paso, Elsewhere, giving players a chance to sink down into the pit with protagonist James Savage and come face to face with his ex-girlfriend and global threat, Draculae, the lord of the vampires. El Paso, Elsewhere is launching September 26, 2023 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam for $19:99.

Watch the narrative trailer for El Paso, Elsewhere here:

Today’s trailer shows that this isn’t a hero’s tale, and for James Savage, there may not be a happy ending. Revisiting the dire situation that brought him back to his hometown and on a collision course with his former love, Savage comes to terms with what’s coming. This was always going to be a one-way trip, no matter the monsters slain or the pills taken. It’s up to you whether Savage’s flame burns bright or is quietly snuffed out.

In the twisting void beneath an unassuming motel, Savage dives down a reality-bending path to stop Draculae. Armed with shotguns, pistols, uzis, stakes, and more, the only option players have is to keep killing to save the world and push back Savage’s most painful memories. Plunge into over 40 floors of heart-pounding action, battling against classic horror icons, from mummies and werewolves to biblically accurate angels. Pop pills to keep the pain away, deftly dodge while unloading your weapons with bullet time mechanics, and don’t stop running.


  • Badass bullet time mechanics that let Savage weave between enemies while filling them with holes.
  • A meaningful collection of weapons; tear through Draculae’s army with a shotgun, an uzi, a hunting rifle, pistols and more.
  • Battle through a wide variety of horrific creatures, from werewolves and vampires to damned brides and biblically accurate angels
  • Environments filled with interactive objects – shoot ‘em up to get a better vantage point or snap a wooden table in half to resupply your stakes.
  • An original hip-hop horror soundtrack made in a collaboration between Xalavier Nelson Jr. and RJ Lake.
  • A fully-voiced cinematic neo-noir story starring Xalavier Nelson Jr. and content creator Negaoryx (Emme Montgomery).
  • 40+ level campaign set set in the ever-changing bowels of a motel in El Paso, Texas, with biomes ranging from medieval castles to blood-spattered meat lockers.

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