Go on a retro-inspired bender this weekend as Gravity Circuit lands!

The Steam Nextfest is a great discovery tool for the sea of titles that come crashing to shore throughout the year. One of the games that caught my eye was a platformer which involves melee, swinging and even throwing enemies at their comrades. Gravity Circuit wears its love of Megaman on its sleeves, but with the title’s melee focus combat and Bionic Commando-style traversal will definitely help Gravity Circuit stand apart from the blue bomber and his adventures.

The Virus Army is back, threatening the hard fought peace in a world occupied by sentient robots. The Guardian Corps unfortunately aren’t equipped to battle this re-emerged menace and are forced to rely on the hero of the previous conflict to push them back. Enter Kai, the lone operative who wields the power of the Gravity Circuit will have to get back to the frontlines. Will he be able to restore peace and finally destroy the Virus Army for good?

Gravity Circuit is available now on PC, Switch and the PlayStation platform for $16.99.

Gravity Circuit – Launch Date Trailer:

Gravity Circuit - Launch Date Trailer

Harness mysterious powers in a futuristic world inhabited by sentient robots in Gravity Circuit from Domesticated Ant Games and PID Games. Coming to #NintendoSwitch #PS5 #PS4 and PC July 13!