Explore Immortals of Aveum’s epic story with Michael Kirkbride

EA and Ascendant Studios are present at San Diego Comic Con and seemingly have quite a lot to show off from their upcoming fantasy IP, including providing gamers with some in-depth information on the game’s story along with a new cinematic and set of screens.

If you missed the announcement previously, Michael Kirkbride, recently known for building narratives for The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion, along with Telltale’s The Walking Dead and Batman: Enemy Within (among others), is lending his talents to flesh out the world of Immortals of Aveum. You can catch his full interview over on the official EA Blog right here.

For now have a look at that new cinematic below and a handful of new assets, and stay tuned for much more game details and media as we get closer to that August 22nd, 2023 release date for the PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC.

Immortals of Aveum – Securing the Binding Stone cinematic:

Immortals of Aveum | Comic-Con Cinematic

Immortals of Aveum – new assets:

To build a brand-new fantasy IP, you need rich lore to fill history books and legends to color the world. That’s where Michael Kirkbride stepped in. A nearly three decade industry veteran known for his works building iconic AAA narratives, ranging from The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and Oblivion, to The Walking Dead and Batman: Enemy Within at Telltale games, Michael joined up with Ascendant Studios very early on to shape the world of Aveum, its characters, kingdoms and dialogue to bring its narrative foundation to life.

With Immortals of Aveum, we set out to create a vibrant fantasy world on the brink of destruction and filled it with a cast of unique characters. Get a taste of the story to come by watching Securing the Binding Stone, an exclusive in-game cinematic with Jak (Darren Barnet), Kirkan (Gina Torres), and Zendara (Lily Cowles).

In this scene, the Immortals meet in the War Chamber of the Palathon, a floating fortress in southern Lucium and the headquarters of the Order of the Immortals. As the fight against Sandrakk continues, Jak has returned from the Front with an artifact, the Binding Stone, which he was supposed to destroy…not keep. Now he must convince his fellow Immortals that he made the right decision.

For more on the creation of Immortals of Aveum’s story and lore, read on for a discussion with the man himself, Michael Kirkbride, on how he helped craft a modern day fantasy story.