Quest Master will give you the 2D dungeons you want…even if you have to build them yourself!

So it looks like we’re not gonna get any traditional Zelda titles anytime soon, but that’s ok where there’s a gap in the market, someone will fill it and that’s where Apogee Entertainment and Skydevilpalm will come in! With Quest Master, you can create the games that are being denied to you. Build elaborate palaces that open up when you find that one item, craft a narrative that involves you vanquishing an ancient evil, if you can dream it, Quest Master hopes to make your dreams a reality.

Once you’re done with your magnum opus, recruit up friends to take on your creation in 3 player multiplayer. You can even share your creators online and let other prospective adventures test their mettle! Not the creative type? Everyone’s always griping about how the Big N needs to make “X” maker or “Y” maker, now you’re gonna get one!

Quest Maker is expected to launch on Steam’s Early Access in Q3 2023 and will launch on the Switch as well once the title reaches version 1.0.

Quest Master screens:

Quest Master | Announcement Trailer:

Quest Master | Announcement Trailer

Quest Master, the dungeon-designing sandbox adventure from publisher Apogee Entertainment & developer Skydevilpalm. Craft legendary journeys from scratch with an intuitive level creator to make simple dungeons, entire overworlds, and everything in between in this faithful pixel art love letter to top-down action JRPG classics of yesteryear. Drag-and-drop dozens of themed design tiles onto a blank canvas to create lava-filled caverns, mountainous overworlds, grassy forests, desert dunes, and more. Provide instructions for the quest ahead or design an epic narrative full of placeable NPCs and customizable signs with a plethora of dialogue options.