In the first 3 days, over 1 million players tried the Lies of P demo!

Neowiz, revealed a variety of impressive stats for their upcoming Souls-like, Lies of P. A playable demo which included two chapters of the game was downloaded over 1 million times across PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. The title was trending on twitter after it’s appearance on Summer Game Fest, players have rated the demo a 4.5 out of 5 on, reached the top 100 played titles on Steam and is currently on the top 10 most pre-ordered titles on PlayStation.

Clearly players have been enamored with the broken city of Krat, which has been besieged on multiple fronts by the petrification plague and the puppet rampage. As P, you’ve been awakened, tasked to find your creator Geppetto, and hopefully save the grand city from everything that has brought it low.

I’ve personally gone through the demo and am absolutely excited for September 19th when the title releases on PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. That’s no lie…or is it?