Grab the Robosen’s new Optimus Prime robot based on Transformers: Rise of the Beast now

As someone who owns a Robosen Elite Optimus Prime, I’m aware of what an engineering marvel Robosen’s products are. So when they revealed that they would be releasing a limited edition Optimus Prime in conjunction with the new film, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, I’m heavily debating whether I need to break out the credit card.

At 16 inches tall, it is comparable in height with the Elite (although it’s 3 inches shorter than the Flagship Optimus Prime), visually looks like it literally stepped out of the silver screen and into your home. It features the same customization that will allow you to program moves and actions for the robot to perform. Robosen spared no expenses to recruit the voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen to record new voice lines.

While it doesn’t transform like its Generation One brethren, the Rise of the Beast Optimus Prime comes with a slew of accessories not found in other models. A stand which allows the unit to remain upright in powered down mode, various hands including open palm and close fists to enable more dynamic poses (including opening its chest showing the Matrix of Leadership). A veritable arsenal which includes Energon Swords, Energon Axe and a blaster that lights up.

Let’s hope Robosen’s line of Transformers robots will eventually include some Decepticons, cause right now there isn’t anything that can stand up to their bespoke replica of the Autobot Leader. For a limited time you can pick up the Limited Edition Optimus Prime Rise of the Beast robot exclusive at Robosen’s online shop and it will ship sometime in Q4 2023.