Robosen rises with the beasts with a new robot!

Robosen, who has dropped the jaws of Transformers fans worldwide with their series auto-converting Optimus Prime are back with the latest iteration of the Autobot?s mighty leader. To coincide with the new Transformers film subtitled ?Rise of the Beasts?, the Shenzhen-based company has revealed an interactive robot based on Prime?s likeness from the film. This one is highly detailed and can be controlled via a mobile app. However none of the revealed images show a vehicle mode, so is this robot purely in its bipedal mode only? Until additional details are revealed, hopefully there?s more than meets the eye.

If the lack of a vehicle mode doesn?t assuage your interest, the company is soliciting email sign ups on their site and is offering a prize for a small lot of lucky people. As they will be raffling off 50 hardcover copies of Transformers: A Visual History, a tome covering the designs of these robots who have captured the hearts and minds of generations of kids.

Will you be taking a trip to movie theaters June 7th when the Rise of the Beasts begins? Have you signed up for additional information on Robosen?s next piece of Transformers merchandise? Needless to say it seems it?s always a good time to be a Transformers fan!

Robosen – Transformers: Rise of the Beasts product shots: