Robocop is joining WWE SuperCard? I?d buy that for a dollar!

One would think Robocop, part man, part machine, all cop is a weird crossover with sports entertainment and if you?re a normie you?d probably agree. However if you?re a fossil of a wrestling fan such as myself, you?ll know Alex Murphy is no stranger to the squared circle. I?d probably pad this news post with a recap?but I?m just going to link to Wrestlecrap, whose decades old writeup shouldn?t be topped.

Anyways the only cop worth rooting for can be acquired in WWE SuperCard, the digital TCG from developer Cat Daddy Games starting today until May 31st. Robocop (Character), Prime Directive (Support), Ed-209 (Support), Helmet (Equipment), and Armor Plating (Equipment) are cards for this collaboration and will probably be unattainable after this event ends, so if you?re a big fan of the future of law enforcement, you better login everyday to increase your chances of earning all these limited cards.

WWE SuperCard is currently available now on iOS and Android platforms.