Genshin Impact v3.7 expands their TCG mini-game on May 24th

Some travelers became trailblazers as many gave HoYoverse?s latest title Honkai Star Rail a try?me? I just stood at the station platform?ticket in hand unwilling to board. Will I regret not traversing the stars? Given the next Genshin Impact update will focus on an aspect of the game I?ve abjectly ignored?I’m going to develop one hell of a case of FOMO.

Update 3.7 promises to introduce massive changes to Genius Invokation, the in-game TCG of Genshin Impact. Debuting in version 3.3 it added another time-sink in a game which already monopolizes a lot of time weekly. Canonically these changes are happening because of a grand tournament taking place in Teyvat, dubbed ?King of Invokation?. This event will feature characters from all of the nations revealed so far and even debut a character who is from Fontaine, a region we will be setting forth soon. In terms of upgrades to the TCG itself, the 4 Archons will finally join the game as character cards, and over 60 cards will debut. Players will also be able to take on human players in new PvP and PvE modes.

Genshin Impact v3.7 screens/art:

If the thought of collecting cards sounds like a dreadful chore, you can catch up with familiar characters via story quests and character hangout quests. Go sightseeing with Yomiya, the peppy fireworks maker as she travels throughout Sumeru or acquaint yourself with the moody architect Kiveh. Finally this update will feature one new character?and it?s a mail carrier? Kirara, a sword welding nekomata (a cat demon with two tails from japanese folklore) who uses her delivery skills to zip around the battlefield. She?ll be recruitable throughout the update?s summon banners which consists of re-runs of Yomiya, Yae Miko, Kaedehara Kazuha and Alhaitham.

While I don?t want to lament missing the train on Star Rail, this update might be a weaker one for me personally. However I?m still relatively invested in seeing the Genshin Impact story through so here?s hoping this is a minor bump in the road in an otherwise grand journey. Fontaine is just around the corner, so there?s definitely plenty of experiences to be had.

Genshin Impact is currently available now on PC, Mobile and PlayStation platforms.

Version 3.7 “Duel! The Summoners’ Summit!” Trailer | Genshin Impact:

Version 3.7 "Duel! The Summoners' Summit!" Trailer | Genshin Impact

A game of cards is much like life: Fortune decides the hand you are dealt, while experience might let you shift the tides of possibility toward all that could be.

Life is much like a game of cards: Victory is but the culminating point in the journey ? the thrills of the duel, however, represent strings to melodies everlasting.