Walkabout Mini Golf putting onto the PlayStation VR2 on May 11th

Prior to the launch of the PlayStation VR2 the game/experience I have put most of my time into (via a Meta Quest 2 headset) was without a doubt Walkabout Mini Golf.

Mighty Coconut thankfully made the decision to also develop a PlayStation VR2 version and based on a few hours of gameplay we’ve already spend previewing the game we’re absolutely loving it all over again.  The PS VR2 experience is crisper, more colorful, better performing and just as feature and content packed as the already existing versions on other platforms.

We’ll be back with a review in the near future, but for now check out the game’s PlayStation Store page, the official site’s Blog post announcement and the latest trailer below.  Walkabout Mini Golf is due to be released on the PlayStation VR2 on 5/11/2023.

Walkabout Mini Golf PS VR2 screens:

PSVR 2 Preview Trailer – Walkabout Mini Golf:

PSVR 2 Preview Trailer - Walkabout Mini Golf

Today, we welcome #playstation players to our thriving community to enjoy our many courses, solo and group play (crossplay with any compatible platform), tournaments, and every aspect of the Walkabout Mini Golf experience on the PSVR2. If you are unsure how to find what you need or how to get playing, flying, or searching… just ask! Coming May 11th!

Wishlist it now, and check out our FAQ: http://www.mightycoconut.com/blog/psvr2