Nintendo to hold Zelda/Splatoon crossover event as Tears of the Kingdom nears release

With Tears of the Kingdom out in just a few weeks, Nintendo has started to ramp up promotion for the newest chapter in the Legend of Zelda.

First, as we reported a few weeks ago, you’ll be able to pick up a Hyrule-themed OLED Switch starting today. It doesn’t come with the game, but you’ll still be able to gaze at the Hylian Crest and gold-colored Joycons to tide you over until Tears of the Kingdom comes out on May 12th.

On top of that, Nintendo will also be doing a crossover between Zelda and Splatoon 3 next weekend. From May 5th to 7th, Splatoon 3 will host a Zelda-themed Splatfest, and you’ll be able to buy themed shirts and a keychain from the My Nintendo Store. Read below for more details!

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game launches on May 12, but you can prepare to explore the soaring vistas of Hyrule with some fresh style ? right now!

A Nintendo Switch ? OLED Model – The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Edition system has surfaced, and it?s available starting today for a suggested retail price of $359.99. This special edition of the Nintendo Switch ? OLED Model bears a sleek design that features a Hylian Crest on the front of the dock and golden-colored Joy-Con controllers that?ll add some heroic flair to your adventure across the lands (and skies) of Hyrule.

But before you get to Hyrule you?re going to want to drop your anchor, because a special The Legend of Zelda inspired Splatoon 3 Splatfest event* is sailing into view! That?s right squiddo, the Inklings and Octolings of the sun-scorched Splatlands are getting adventurous with a Splatoon x The Legend of Zelda Collaboration Splatfest! This limited-time event splashes down on May 5 and poses a question that fans of The Legend of Zelda may recognize: Which do you seek? Power, Wisdom or Courage?

The Splatfest will take place from Friday, May 5, at 5 p.m. PT to Sunday, May 7, at 5 p.m. PT, but you can make your selection in Splatoon 3 beginning today! You can even pick up real-life versions of the in-game T-shirts your Inklings and Octolings will be rocking at the My Nintendo Store. My Nintendo is going to offer a keychain set to celebrate this latest collab in the future, too. Stay tuned for more details!

If you haven?t had a chance to dive into Splatoon 3 yet, this is a great time because a Splatoon 3 + Nintendo Switch Online Individual Membership (3 Months) bundle is available right now in Nintendo eShop and the My Nintendo Store for 20% off the price of purchasing them separately! With this bundle you can play in multiplayer matches, including the upcoming Splatoon x The Legend of Zelda Collaboration Splatfest.

Splatfests are custom, limited-time events in Splatoon 3 where players with any Nintendo Switch Online membership can pick one of three teams to splat it out for total victory. After choosing a side, you?ll participate in Splatfest Battles where teams must ink as much of the stage as possible. Splatfests also feature Tricolor Turf War battles in heated 4-vs-2-vs-2 battles with attackers and defenders. At the end of the event, the winning side is revealed and rewards are dished out (with the winning side getting more, of course). The upcoming Splatoon x The Legend of Zelda Collaboration Splatfest even features a stage with a distinct triangular shape that Hyrule fans in particular will want to try!