Last call for Heroes of Barcadia Crowdfunding exclusives!

Heroes of Barcadia is a social drinking board game that was crowdfunded by over thirteen thousand backers to the tune of 1.2 million dollars. Players explore a dungeon in hopes of building up their strength, in order to challenge the Drink Guardians to reclaim the stolen Drink Hoard. The dungeon is filled with enemies, traps and taking damage will be quite?thirst quenching?

That?s right in a twist that almost makes playing like ?Leroy Jenkins? seem like the most sound strategy, losing health means taking a drink! So if you?re just thirsty and don?t care about winning, walk into every enemy strike, fall for every trap! The game also sports 100% waterproof pieces, since you?re dealing with so much liquids?spillage is bound to happen.

After successfully fulfilling the rewards for the campaign, the company behind the title, Rollacrit is now offering some of the exclusive rewards from the crowdfunding campaign on sale at the company?s store. This includes the Kickstarter version of the game, the expansion pack, glass pint glasses (the game comes with plastic cups), bottle openers, metal tokens and more! As much as I like being an anti-social gamer who is perfectly content with staying shut in my home, I?m bound to be in some social situations and Heroes of Barcadia might be quite the ice breaker. Head on over to Rollacrit?s website and grab the Kickstarter edition so you can fool your friends into thinking you got in on the ground floor?your secret?s safe with me! Also once these goods are gone, they?re gone for good!

Heroes of Barcadia is a game that supports 2-6 players, playtime per game is roughly 30 to 90 minutes and can be played by ages 21+ (You can certainly sub-in non-alcoholic drinks to let the young?uns play, but they?re not gonna get all the puns?).

Heroes of Barcadia Kickstarter bundles: