Turtle Beach Fuel Compact VR Charging Station impressions for Meta Quest 2

Not only is the Turtle Beach Fuel Compact VR Charging Station one of the most useful accessories I own for the Meta Quest 2, but its nice to not have an eyesore on my desk knowing I will barely use it because the stand I previously used didn?t charge anything. I?m not someone that can spend a lot of time with VR games having a 6-year-old and needing to have eyes in the room most of the time, but having the ability to place not only the headset, but the controllers on a single charging station, knowing when I pick it up for use it will have fully charged battery is satisfying.

The Fuel VR’s sleek design was the first positive even from just the initial images I had seen. Many VR headset chargers are similarly designed to hold the unit and charge but tend to be on the taller mount style like my existing PlayStation VR headset, which has collected dust for over a year and a half. Having the Turtle Beach charger designed to lay flat and  charge the controllers on the same dock is something I hope other companies will adopt, especially with PS VR2 on the way (wink, wink.)

Another great feature is the simple magnetic charging piece. You place this tiny USB C tip into the headset and when you rest it on the dock, it will line up and charge without effort. The only challenge is if you use the Quest 2 Elite strap as I do and must remove that cable and charge that on its own, which is not a deal breaker by any means. The other great addition is the inclusion of two rechargeable batteries and replacement covers with the charge ports to allow quick drop in charging.

Personally, the only challenge I faced was finding a spot to always keep the Fuel VR charger it since I?m used to having it in a case where it can be easier to store.  There is also not a cover so if you plan on having a lapse in VRing I advise to get it back into a case so the Quest 2 doesn?t collect too much dust.

With the PS VR2 launching next week, I hope the 3rd party chargers share a similar design as I plan on spending some quality time with it when available. If you are in the market for a sweet and reliable Meta Quest 2 charging dock, I cannot recommend the Turtle Beach Fuel Compact VR Charging Station enough.

The complete list of features for Turtle Beach?s Fuel Compact VR Charging Station for Meta Quest 2 includes:

  • Rechargeable Controller Battery Packs: Dual battery packs deliver 20-hours of battery life per pack and eliminate the need for environmentally harmful disposable batteries.
  • Simple Magnetic Charging: Slotted battery door covers on the controllers and a USB-C to magnetic pin dongle for the headset make for easy magnetic charging in just 2.5 hours.
  • Complete, Compact Design: Charge your entire Meta Quest 2 VR setup all at once while taking up minimal space on your desktop or gaming setup thanks to a compact design.
  • Convenient LED Dashboard: Always know when your Meta Quest 2 is ready to use with clear battery indicators on the charging station, with an amber color indicating charge in progress and green indicating 100% charge.

Turtle Beach provided us with a Fuel VR Charger for Meta Quest 2 for evaluation purposes.