The World Warriors meets Gacha in Street Fighter: Duel, now available

Street Fighter 6 might be a couple more months away, but the folks at Crunchyroll Games got you covered if you?re looking for a fresh Street Fighter experience. Introducing Street Fighter: Duel, a collectible fighting RPG that released on mobile platforms today. Assemble and train your team of fighters (up to six) to take on the Shadaloo and their army of mechanized clones. Ryu, Ken, Chun Li and maybe more familiar faces are recruitable and there are even variant versions which will sport different skills from their base forms. Such as Mayor Cody, which is the version of Cody found in Street Fighter 5.

To celebrate the launch of the title, players can complete missions to earn an A-Tier fighter for free. Log in daily to collect plenty of resources to strengthen your fighters. Take advantage of bonuses in the in-game store to maximize your purchases and buy bundles to guarantee the recruitment of Chun Li or M.Bison!

Street Fighter: Duel is available on the iOS and Google Play Store today as a free to start app.

Street Fighter: Duel is LIVE!

Street Fighter: Duel is LIVE!

Street Fighter: Duel is now available to play on App Store and Google Play!

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Enter the world of Street Fighter like never before with the first mobile RPG game of the franchise – Street Fighter: Duel!

Street Fighter: Duel is the official Street Fighter RPG mobile game for the casual Street Fighter fan, where you can collect and upgrade a team of recognizable fighters and battle your way through an original story or against friends and powerful opponents around the world.