Infernax celebrates its one year anniversary by giving the gift of co-op

Infernax is a 8 bit style indie title that is seemingly an homage to Castlevania/Legend of Zelda 2 and Berzerk Studios knocked it out of the park because they impressed Matthew so much that he gave the game an A rating. Despite the accolades and high marks, the studio didn?t rest on their on their laurels and just collected their paychecks, in fact they?ve released a new playable character to celebrate Halloween who?s hides his visage in some sort of sports mask and today they announced a brand new co-op mode and added another new character to it?s roster.

The co-op mode will mean your friend will have to put up or shut up as a pair of players can now take on the adventure of the Duke of Alcedor as he returns from abroad to a homeland infested with demons. The update dubbed ?Deux or Die” will introduce a new thematically consistent cohort to slay with the Duke. Cervul the Squire, heir to the Brown Mound, a ranged fighter who compliments the Duke?s somewhat limited reach. If you were to pursue a dark path with the squire, his abilities will get a bit more ?explosive?.

This update like the Halloween update will be free and is scheduled to come out sometime in the Spring. The last couple seconds of the teaser trailer also reveals co-op will be coming to the game?s genre twisting ?gun-mode? and in the only way to activate it will require the player to enter a certain famous button combination to activate.

Infernax is currently available on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platform and its Deux or Die update will be released for free sometime this Spring.

Infernax: Deux or Die – Couch Coop Update Coming this Spring:

Infernax: Deux or Die - Couch Coop Update Coming this Spring

It’s dangerous to go alone, that’s why there’s two of you now!

This spring, relive the adventures of Alcedor, now joined by Cervul, his trusty squire, and forge the future of the kingdom of Upel together with a friend, or alone in hotswap mode.

Available on all platforms that the game is currently available on as a free update, which is pretty much everything.