Support a witchy small business in the Mika and the Witch’s Mountain’s Kickstarter campaign

I think you have to live under some kind of rock to not know where Chibig?s follow up to Summer in Mara draws its inspiration. However, even prior to today?s announcement, I can say I have seen gameplay footage for Mika and the Witch?s Mountain floating around social media. Besides evoking Studio Ghibli, I?m getting very strong PS1 era open world titles in what I?ve seen?and I?m hooked.

The team launched at Kickstarter today for the title and have set a goal of ?40,000 (which I?m sure they will meet and exceed easily *Editor?s note: They have in fact met the goal ofd the campaign already, but do consider backing, if this title appeals to you*) to give the final push to finish and release the title by summer.

If you?re a skeptical type that needs a bit more convincing to open those purse strings the title will be available as a part of Steam Next Fest, which will be happening February 6th to the 13th. I definitely will be downloading the demo and checking out the sights of Mount Gaun. Give the demo a look and consider backing the title on Kickstarter, Mika and the Witch?s Mountain is expected for a Summer 2023 launch on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain screens:

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain – delivery service adventure – Kickstarter campaign:

Mika and the Witch's Mountain - delivery service adventure - Kickstarter campaign

Mika and the Witch?s Mountain is a fantasy adventure about an aspiring witch who delivers packages to the townspeople of a small island. Explore every nook and cranny and soar through the sky with your magic broom.
This coming-of-age journey will take us to the top of the mountain through a story of effort, friendship, and community; and will let our hearts fly free.
Take your magic broom and discover all the secrets hidden in the mountain while getting to know its charming inhabitants. Work hard and get a magic broom good enough to achieve your goal: to go to the top of the mountain.
Fly over a beautiful island. Explore a mini open world full of secrets and magic.
Play as a little witch who works delivering packages on a small island.
Be one with water and wind. Let yourself be carried by its vibrant and colorful landscapes.
A cozy light-heart story for you to unwind and relax.
The heart of the game is a pleasant and fulfilling fly sensation. Mika will soar the skies while exploring the beautiful landscapes of Mount Gaun in her journey to the top of the mountain.
Mika will deliver packages to the villagers all over the island and they will rate her service. That way she will earn money to exchange for new brooms with unique flying capabilities.
On her way to the top, Mika will use the magical air currents that flow from the heart of the mountain to propel her flight and reach every corner of the island. In these new locations, she will find new characters, quests, special items, collectibles, and secrets.
Naturally, Mika can also take a break to relax by gliding freely from the heights and enjoy a cozy sense of awe from a privileged view.
Studio Ghibli movies were an inspiration to all the games we?ve developed, and Kiki’s Delivery Service was always one of our favorites.
After playing A Short Hike, the idea came up to create a story of a witch apprentice delivering packages in a small world full of magic, color, and secrets to discover. The first sketches of the game immediately reminded us of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and we knew right away that we wanted the aesthetic to be similar to that.