Ninjala celebrates 10 million downloads with an Attack on Titan collaboration and more!

10 million downloads is a lot of downloads and as Ninjala enters its 12th season they get to celebrate this milestone that other live service titles will never reach. Since June of 2020, players have been chewing gum and pummeling other gum-chewing ninjas. The game has even spawned an animated series with over 50 episodes.

To celebrate this download milestone the game will be showering players with 1000 Jala a day from March 8 and April 26 to spend in the various in-game storefronts which will be running sales during this celebration. A six hour tournament will be held on March 11th that will yield increased drop rates for anyone who participates.

In mid-March this season?s collaboration event will begin and it is with none other than Attack on Titan. While the news on what the event will entail is scant, I?m sure you?ll be able to sport your ninja with survey corps jackets and vertical maneuvering equipment!

There?s plenty more room for more ninja to enter the fray, so feel free to add to that player count by downloading Ninjala on the Nintendo eShop. It?s free to play, so get in and check it out!

Ninjala – Dev Diary #28:

Ninjala - Dev Diary #28

Morishita-san and Kaneda-san are back with an important announcement in Dev Diary #28? the next collab! We?re happy to announce the Ninjala x Attack On Titan collab!