Meet one of Hell-A’s toughest, Carla in Dead Island 2

As a New Yorker, it almost pains me (actually it doesn?t) to say that I enjoy any time I spend in LA. So as I gradually see every part of that sprawling metropolis (See you in early March, Burbank!) I hope to be doing that ?Leonardo Dicaprio pointing at thing? meme when I?m moving about in ?Hell-A? in Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios? upcoming Dead Island 2.

Today?s news drop features another ?Meet the Slayers? vignette, this one being for Carla, a tough mechanic who?s not afraid to get her hands dirty facing off against the zombie horde that has made the town slightly more uninhabitable. She?ll join Jacob, Amy, Ryan and Dani as one of the hardened denizens you?ll be controlling in this game. Perhaps before the launch we?ll get more details on these Slayers as these 30 second clips just don?t sate my curiosity about the characters we?ll be playing as.

Dead Island 2 will release on April 28, 2023 for PC, PlayStation and Xbox platforms, hopefully the title will have you proclaiming ?I love Hell-A? like that song by?Randy Newman?!?

Dead Island 2 ? Meet the Slayers: Carla:

Dead Island 2 – Meet the Slayers: Carla

Meet Carla, a street-smart motorcycle racer with a flair for zombicide.
Learn more about Carla here:

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Dead Island 2 comes out April 28th, 2023 launching for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. Pre-order here: