Get a primer on War Games with the 1st edition of WWE 2K23 Ringside Report

War Games! War Games! Waaaaaaaaaaar Games! Its proclamation means that we?re in for an exciting evening of action and in the upcoming WWE 2K23 you can have this exciting match whenever you want. However for some more casual fans, you might be wondering What is War Games, Why is War Games, or even How is War Games? Thankfully developer Visual Concepts has you covered with their first of hopefully many Ringside Report.

This blog post looks to get you up to snuff on the match format, how it will be incorporated into the game and plenty of videos of the match in action. You probably should just click the link at the end of the previous paragraph cause I don?t have much more to say.

WWE 2K23 is coming to PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms on March 17th, 2023 (or 3 days earlier on the 14th if you pre-order the Deluxe or Icon edition).