Sanctuary Saga explores the wilds of Steam this March

When the email for this title arrived in my inbox, the first thought that came to my mind is?what if Oregon Trail was an RPG. Granted I don?t think Sanctuary Saga has you fording any rivers, it will however be holding you responsible for the safety of the party you recruit to explore the great unknown. Featuring four unique biomes, a combat system that requires you optimize party positioning and boss encounters which require you to recognize and exploit their patterns to ensure your group?s survival.

Your party isn?t just a group of unfeeling fighting machines, forming bonds and relationships while keeping an eye on the argument meter to make sure the only thing you?re fighting is the enemy and not each other. A demo of the game will be available during the upcoming Steam Next Fest February 6th to the 13th and the full title will debut on Steam March 8th 2023.

Sanctuary Saga screens: