Get Dungeon Munchies delivered to you as physical editions debut today!

Just because you?re dead, doesn?t mean you don?t have cravings! That?s the dilemma of the main character of maJAja?s sides-crolling action RPG, Dungeon Munchies. You play a recently deceased, now turned Jiang-Shi (think ?Chinese Zombie?) in a sprawling underground facility. Team up with Necro-Chef Simmer, slay critters, gather ingredients, and cook up dishes that will imbue you with abilities to help you push further. I remember being enthralled by the title at PAX East many years ago and am extremely glad the developers not only crossed the goal line of completing the game, but also getting a physical edition out.

These physical editions are available exclusively at Serenity Forge?s online store and are available in two configurations. The standard edition offers the title on physical media, sticker sheet, double-sided recipe poster and soundtrack download code. For someone who wants a more super-sized bundle, the collector?s edition is for you. This full course package includes everything in the standard edition as well as the following, acrylic standee of Simmer and Grill, linked acrylic charm, glow-in-the-dark sticker, metal foil Simmer poster and a notepad for you to jot down your grocery list while traversing the darkness.

For those who want a taste, but want instant gratification, Dungeon Munchies is available digitally on PC, Switch and the PlayStation platform.

Dungeon Munchies – The final chapter is OUT NOW!:

Dungeon Munchies - The final chapter is OUT NOW!

Launching on July 28th 2022, the third and final chapter of Dungeon Munchies comes to Nintendo Switch from maJAJa and Chorus Worldwide in a free update! The game also leaves early access on Steam … and will be coming to PlayStation this October!

This final chapter introduces even more kooky characters and unexpected revelations. Explore three new maps filled with new monsters, ingredients, recipes, and legendary weapons. Overcome three powerful bosses, cook up seven fresh dishes, and learn the truth behind the dungeon and even the protagonist?s existence!