Impede progress in Backfirewall_ today!

For us updating firmware is a minor nuisance that might bring new features, but for the denizens of the hardware it?s a deadly proposition! In Backfirewall_, OS9 is the operating system of a smartphone that is on the verge of being obsolete with the inevitable roll out of the much better optimized OS10.

Rather than accept their deletion quietly, the sassy program is now on a quest to preserve itself by halting this mandatory update. Explore the world inside the smartphone, solve puzzles and go on a ?tragicomic adventure? in this female-led developed title. The game is out now on PC (Steam), the PlayStation and Xbox platforms. Backfirewall_ will also come to PC storefronts (EGS and Humble) and the Switch at a later time.

A demo is also available on Steam if you want to get a glimpse of the world of Backfirewall_.

Backfirewall_ | Release Trailer | OUT NOW! | PlayStation, Xbox, PC:

Backfirewall_ | Release Trailer | OUT NOW! | PlayStation, Xbox, PC

Backfirewall_ from Naraven Games is available now on Steam and Xbox 10% off, and on PlayStation at full price! Watch the trailer and get the game today. Coming to the Epic Games Store, Humble Bundle, and Nintendo Switch at a later date. See you in the System!