The Game Awards 2022: Transformers to reactivate thanks to Splash Damage

This one was a genuine surprise of the night for me in regards to The Games Award. We?re treated to a bunch of spec ops looking folks discussing what was seemingly a futile attempt to revive the subject at hand. The scene cuts to a cityscape in the middle of some sort of alien invasion. Suddenly we?re back with the humans as they see progress with the revival of this still unseen subject.

The trailer goes back and forth between shots of the invasion and this field hospital of sorts until the subject awakens and reveals a yellow mechanical hand. A title card is shown and it is revealed that Splash Damage, who developed Gears Tactics are developing a Transformers game titled Transformers: Reactivate.

While there isn?t much information provided in the trailer itself, a press release reveals that the title is a 1-4 player online action title and the invading force aren?t the , but a new enemy force known as the Legion. I still have so many questions such as which generation will the Transformers in this title be modeled after, are you playing as the Transformers themselves or are we playing as the humans?

I guess we?ll need to wait for Splash Damage to provide updates, hopefully in the near future.

Transformers: Reactivate screens:

However prospective players should keep their eyes on the website as the title will have an Open Beta in 2023 and they will be taking sign ups. Hopefully we?ll be able to transform and move out soon!

TRANSFORMERS: REACTIVATE Official Announce Trailer | The Game Awards:

TRANSFORMERS: REACTIVATE Official Announce Trailer | The Game Awards

The gravest threat to humanity has arrived. And it?s already won.

Earth is no longer ours; it belongs to them.

Fight back against the Legion in TRANSFORMERS: REACTIVATE, the new 1-4 player online action game from Splash Damage.