New Sifu update allows players to channel their inner cinematographer

Is there a memo out there in the games industry that devs need to put out updates on the eve of The Game Awards aka ?The Keighlernal Equinox?? Well another title has dropped an update on the day Geoff Keighley is at his strongest. Sifu, which is more or less my personal Game of the Year, will be unleashing its Fall Update today with features that include new cheats, play modifiers and a replay mode. You can now take your action and adjust the zoom, angles, play speed and even add effects. These clips can be exported and further fleshed out in the editing software of your choice. Will I craft my own Shaw Brothers-ish masterpiece, probably not, but I?m sure plenty of awesome action set pieces will be generated because of this feature.

The new modifiers and cheats are something I?ll actually use. Some of these modifiers include Free Throw which will irk any fighting game player now that throws cannot be escaped. Vampire will let you reverse your aging by tussling with foes and for the ultimate power fantasy use the Touch of Death to strike down all your enemies with one blow. There are also quality of life touches which will allow you to adjust how the camera behaves during the game?s takedowns, reducing the disorientation you might feel with the game?s default camera set up.

Sifu was released earlier this year to much praise and is the sophomore effort of SloClap. It?s an action packed tale of revenge which takes you all over this unnamed asian city to take down the cadre of people who killed your father decades ago. Will you let revenge fuel your life or perhaps will you take a different path. The game is currently available on PC, Switch and the PlayStation platform.

Sifu | Fall Update (Title Update 3) Trailer | PS4, PS5 & PC:

Sifu | Fall Update (Title Update 3) Trailer | PS4, PS5 & PC

Launching on December 8th 2022, Sifu?s third Title Update is focused on giving players more ways to play by adding a slew of new features including gameplay modifiers, cheats, outfits as well as the long-awaited Replay Editor.

Record your best moves with Sifu?s new replay editor, a complete set of recording tools that allows fans the ability to create cinematic replays from within the game. Place the camera wherever you want, change its parameters, set up camera movements, add effects, slow down or speed up the action and create your very own Kung Fu movie shots.

Also debuting in today?s Sifu update are four new cheats and three new modifiers allowing for new playstyles, including Free Throw, which allows you to unconditionally throw your foes, or age-decreasing perks with the Vampire modifier. Additionally, we’ve added some long-awaited quality of life changes such as the option to carry your unlocked skills over from a previous save to a new one, as well as the ability to set your own camera distance during takedowns and bring the dynamic takedown camera close-ups back!

And no update would be complete without the addition of new outfits: now you can roundhouse kick your way while looking fly with three unlockable outfits including a slick-looking Wing Chun outfit, available in dark and light versions. The tough-as-nails ?Stunt Double? outfit is available only to Deluxe Edition owners.