How would Denji, Power and Aki fare against Vampires? Find out in the Bloodline x Chainsaw Man crossover

With Chainsaw Man taking the world by storm it was only a matter of fact before other properties look to latch on to its star power. In what might be the IP?s first appearance in video games (Editor?s note: it is not?), Crunchyroll Games? Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire will see the members of the Hayakawa household be recruitable to aid Lilo, the last Royal Vampire in her quest to take on the religious order of monster hunters called the Holy Land. The collaboration will start today and lasts until January 23rd, 2023.

During this period players can attempt to recruit Denji, Power and Aki Hayakawa, unlock a special costume for Denji, cosmetics to decorate your profile and plenty of items that will help your fight against the Holy Land a bit easier. If you somehow don?t manage to recruit any of the public safety devil hunters, surely you?ll find a character you?ll like amongst the game?s 300 character deep roster.

Chainsaw Man has been a must watch every Tuesday since it?s premiere on October 12th of this year. With the show?s season finale set to air December 27th, this collaboration might be one of the means to extend your Chainsaw Man experience outside of the second part of the manga which is currently being serialized. Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire is a mobile JRPG developed by Shenqu Games, published by Crunchyroll Games and is available Globally (excluding Asia) on iOS and Android.

Chainsaw Man has Arrived!:

Chainsaw Man has Arrived!

Chainsaw Man has Arrived in Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire! Play today to collect unique, powerful characters from Chainsaw Man – Denji, Power, and Aki. Players can even collect cosmetics for their player profiles and the special outfit Chainsaw Man. Available for a limited time only!

Crunchyroll Games, the interactive division of global anime brand Crunchyroll, announced its original mobile game Bloodline: The Last Royal Vampire is launching an epic crossover collaboration with the smash-hit dark fantasy series Chainsaw Man from December 20 through early January 2023.

The crossover collaboration with Chainsaw Man brings popular characters Denji, Power, and Aki into the world of Bloodline in pixel form. Players who join on December 19 can get a free head start collecting the powerful Chainsaw Man characters. Characters are collected through currency which the game is giving away to all players who join the day before the crossover officially begins.