WrestleQuest coming for 2 hot dogs and a handshake in May 2023

Eagle eyed gamers might?ve spotted Andre the Giant in yesterday?s Indie World Direct from Nintendo, well that’s because the man with a posse and many more wrestling legends will be appearing in Mega Cat Studios’ upcoming RPG WrestleQuest. With its action figure aesthetic, take control of Randy ?Muchacho Man? as he goes from a young fan with dreams in his eyes to being the most electrifying man in pro wrestling (’cause Dwayne’s got other things on his plate).

The combat is turn based, the rules of the ring are still enforced as you do have to get the 3 count to end an encounter, so it?s not just an RPG with wrestling thrown into the mix, Mega Cat Studios seem like they?re quite in tune with pro wrestling. The game is being published by Skybound Games and will be coming to PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms, bell time is May 2023.

WrestleQuest screens:

WrestleQuest Release Date Trailer – Nintendo Switch:
WrestleQuest Release Date Trailer - Nintendo Switch

WrestleQuest is coming to PC and all consoles May 2023!

TAG TEAM WITH DESTINY! Pro wrestling and RPG fantasy collide in the ultimate pixel powered adventure. ?Macho Man? Randy Savage, Andre the Giant, and tons of other icons guide your way to glory beyond the ring. This hero?s journey ain?t just an epic quest, it?s WRESTLEQUEST!