War Robots enters the console front with War Robots: Frontiers

The games industry is wide enough that a game could have been played by 200 million registered players and it can still garner a ?who?? out of me. War Robots is one such title. Developed by Pixonic and published by MY.Games, it?s a PvP 3rd person mech shooter that has been in commission since 2014.

Like a world conqueror there are always new areas to claim and the next space for the franchise to expand are consoles. War Robots: Frontiers will be set 200 years after the mobile title, you will be controlling your bi-pedal death machines on a new closer of worlds dubbed the Wild 10. Up to 12 players can clash in 6v6 battles, your tweaks and customizations will be the difference between celebrating victory or having someone else pick up the pieces.

War Robots: Frontiers will be coming to PC, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms sometime in 2023, however PC players can get in on the action early as the title will go into Early Access on November 24th. The price of admission is purchasing the Pioneer Pack. Will you enlist early or will you be drafted when the title leaves basic training?

War Robots: Frontiers screens:

War Robots: Frontiers – Announcement Trailer:

War Robots: Frontiers - Announcement Trailer

Welcome to War Robots: Frontiers, a new online multiplayer third-person shooter coming to PC and consoles!

Get ready to unleash your fleet of War Robots, engage in epic 6v6 team-based PvP battles, raze battlegrounds beyond the stars, explore a wealth of customization options, and smash through destructible environments.

Secure your Early Access to War Robots: Frontiers with a Pioneer Pack, now available from https://wrfrontiers.com/