Return to Monkey Island drops anchor on PS5, Xbox Series X, Game Pass next week

In case you didn’t have a Nintendo Switch, and for whatever reason was unaware that there was a new Monkey Island release, there are now a few less excuses to not check out Return to Monkey Island.

Announced this morning, Return to Monkey Island is set to officially drop onto the PS5 and Xbox Series X (and Xbox Game Pass) on November 8th, 2022. It’s already the fastest selling Monkey Island game yet, so we’re sure these additional platforms won’t hurt. Check out the celebratory trailer and info below!

Return to Monkey Island | PS5 and XB S/X | November 8:

Return to Monkey Island | PS5 and XB S/X | November 8

Return to Monkey Island, the critically acclaimed, fastest-selling installment of Guybrush Threepwood?s epic saga of secrecy, romance and lactose intolerance will make its triumphant debut on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S on Nov. 8. The fun-filled sequel will also be available on Xbox Game Pass, as if its very existence wasn?t already enough to celebrate.

The tangled history of Monkey Island?s most famous secret leads Guybrush Threepwood – intrepid hero, leather jacket salesman and mighty pirate – to embark on a new swash-buckling adventure through the Caribbean, determined to uncover the elusive secret once and for all. No trip back to M?l?e Island would be complete without his old friends (and foes), but while Guybrush and the evil LeChuck look certain to clash on the high seas once more, a new crew of Pirate Leaders seems to have arrived to spoil the party.