Fight for your right to Footy…in Soccer Story on November 29th

Despite its slightly confusing name (This game is not related to Golf Story or its upcoming sequel Sports Story) Soccer Story presents a tale where the world?s game is banned after a cataclysm. If we learned anything from the movie Footloose, some youth will lead an uprising to take back what was stolen from them. In No More Robots and PanicBarn?s title, the chosen one will yield a magic football to take on Soccer Inc to bring back the game for the masses.

Along the way you?ll need to hone your skills, rally former players, contend with corrupt referees and even fish? If this sounds like your cup of tea, check out the game?s explainer trailer which dropped today or if you don?t need any convincing all you?ll need to do is run the clock down until November 29th when Soccer Story comes out on PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms (via Game Pass and individual purchase). Now let?s see how many times the game uses Football and Soccer interchangeably!

Welcome to Soccer Story – Launching November 29th!:

Welcome to Soccer Story - Launching November 29th!

Soccer Story launches on all platforms on NOVEMBER 29TH
Play the FINAL BETA today:
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The world might as well be over – Soccer Inc. has closed down every local stadium, team and tournament. What kind of world can survive without the beautiful game? Thankfully a magical soccer ball has chosen you, our Savior of Soccer!