Run around Starfall Islands in Monster Hunter armor as the free Monster Hunter x Sonic Frontiers DLC goes live

Sonic fans everywhere have finally gotten ahold of the latest adventure of SEGA?s mascot and it looks like the outing was generally well received. It?s a good thing, as SEGA has pledged to support the title with free DLC into the next year and the first one has just arrived. Crossing paths with an open world title from Capcom, Sonic will now be able to don armor from the Monster Hunter series and grill some meat that will power him up (guess chili dogs weren?t an option on Starfall Islands).

While it?s highly unlikely Rathalos hide will help speed up Sonic, it does harken back to a time where he wore armor in Sonic and the Black Knight. The DLC is free to download and available now, however you will need a copy of Sonic Frontiers to use it. The game is available for $59.99 at all major games retailers and on the PC, Switch, the PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Sonic Frontiers x Monster Hunter Collab Pack Trailer:

Sonic Frontiers x Monster Hunter Collab Pack Trailer

The Sonic Frontiers x Monster Hunter Collab Pack is available now…for free!

Get ready to take down monsters and Titans alike when the worlds of Sonic Frontiers and Monster Hunter collide! Channel iconic monters in the Rathalos and Felyne Rathalos outfits, then carve out some well-deserved break time with the Hunter’s BBQ set.