Sonic has a skill tree in Sonic Frontiers!?!

He?s turned super, kissed a real girl, contracted lycanthropy and starred in movies, but it seems Sonic is still a hedgehog that can experience firsts. In fact, besides being his first open world adventure, Sonic will learn new skills via a skill tree in his upcoming adventure, Sonic Frontiers. SEGA released a new trailer showcasing what skills he can pick up during his time in Starfall Islands, as well as what resources he?ll need to accrue to get them!

Skill Pieces (I guess Rings can?t be currency?) are the collectible of choice to unlock new powers for Sonic. In addition to his usual go tos such as the homing attack, drop dash, he?ll learn moves such as Phantom Rush, Sonic Boom (No, not Guile?s projectile, but a series of kicks which fires somehow fires shockwaves), Wild Rush and he?ll even be able to break enemy shields by doing a Cycloop! It?s not all just offensive skills, Sonic can now even parry enemy attacks (Is he getting ready to enter Street Fighter 6 or something?maybe Guile better watch out!). He?s gonna need every move as the enemies he faces will progress at the same pace as him.

The trailer also revealed the contents of the Digital Deluxe version of the game which will include the base title, digital artbook, mini soundtrack, a plethora of in-game consumables, also alternate gloves and shoes. Sonic Frontiers will be coming out November 8th on Switch, PlayStation and Xbox platforms.

Sonic Frontiers – Combat & Upgrades:

Sonic Frontiers - Combat & Upgrades

Learn about the brand-new combat and upgrade systems in Sonic Frontiers – available for pre-order today!

In Sonic Frontiers, you’ll need every tool at your disposal to defeat the powerful enemies that await you on the Starfall islands. Luckily Sonic came prepared! With new, upgradeable combat abilities, you have more options than ever before to approach battles YOUR way. Use all of these skills and more to become the most formidable force on the frontier!