Sell the potion that might save the hero who saves the world in Potionomics coming October 17th

During the last PAX East in April as I would shuffle on the show floor, XSEED Games? booth would always transfix my gaze as I moved to my next appointment. On a monitor above the busy show floor, I would see a scene of two people attempting to make a deal on a potion. Colorful characters with soulful eyes, exaggerated movements you would see in a TikTok video would always catch my gaze. There was no intense action, no explosive gunplay?it was just one character trying to sell another a potion, hoping to reap maximum revenue.

Eventually I sought out someone working the booth to ask?what is this game and they responded Potionomics. A game where you control Sylvia, a young woman who inherited her late Uncle?s ailing potion shop. She relocates to the isle of Rafta in hopes to turn the business around and earn some coin. Brew potent potions, design your shop to entice shoppers, fend off hagglers looking to score a deal and of all things keep your stress to a minimum in this deckbuilding/shop simulator.

The title will be participating in the upcoming Steam Next Fest (Oct 3rd to Oct 10th), where the game will have a demo for prospective buyers to try and the devs will partake in a livestream to show the title off. Thankfully the wait to open shop won?t be long as Potionomics (official site here) will be available on October 17th on PC.

Potionomics screens: