Greet the rising sun and attend the RGG Summit 2022 on September 14th

Twenty twenty-two (2022) has been quite a year of change for Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio. It saw the departure of Toshihiro Nagoshi, the face and general director of the studio, the release of The Kaito Files for Lost Judgment despite rumors that series lead Takuya Kimura will not return due to an impasse with his talent agency. A partnership with clothing brand Insert Coin saw the brand?s merchandise presence in the West pick up greatly (and official Ono Michio Kun merch!). So despite the ups and downs the studio is ready to look towards the future.

On the eve of Tokyo Game Show on September 14th at 6am EST/3am PST, the studio will be hosting a one hour showcase of what?s to come from the home of Yakuza and Judgment. The event will be viewable on SEGA?s Twitch channel and will offer an English translation for those fans who have yet to become fluent in Japanese despite spending all their time in Kamurocho. What can we expect from the showcase, a Like a Dragon 2/Yakuza 8 reveal, details on whether or not the Judgment series will continue, remasters of Yakuza of the Dead or maybe even a localization of the Yakuza Kenzan titles? Guess we?ll have to wake up bright and early to find out!