New Tales from the Borderlands extended gameplay trailer exits the vault

We’re definitely quite excited for the new episodic Borderlands adventure — so sensing that hype — 2K and Gearbox dropped off quite an extensive new official New Tales from the Borderlands gameplay reveal trailer during PAX West the other day.

They also released a new selection of new screens, a new character trailer and game details as well. New Tales from the Borderlands is set to hit PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch platforms and the PC, via Steam, on October 21st, 2022. Check out the goods below.

New Tales from the Borderlands screens:

New Tales from the Borderlands – Official Gameplay Reveal

New Tales from the Borderlands - Official Gameplay Reveal


Familiarize yourself with playable characters Anu, Octavio, and Fran in this nearly 20 minute long gameplay clip.

In this reveal, our three lovable losers must travel through the sewers of Promethea, racing against Tediore to open a dormant Vault. As they figure out a way past the Tediore guards, they must also battle for honor and glory in a Vaultlanders duel, with QTEs deciding the winner of glorious plastic combat!

And as usual in the Borderlands universe, all hell breaks loose when they find the Vault.

New Tales from the Borderlands – Official Character Trailer:

New Tales from the Borderlands - Official Character Trailer

Facing impossible odds and only armed with their dreams and ambitions, three nobodies band together to change their circumstances… and possibly the world.

Within the perpetually war-torn metropolis of Promethea, you’ll control Anu, Octavio, and Fran on the worst day of their lives.

🍨Fran Miscowicz: A hard-working woman running her family’s Frogurt shop, Fran answers to no one. Attacked out of spite during the Maliwan invasion, Fran’s trying to put the pieces back together but life has other plans for her.

💰Octavio Wallace-Dhar: As Meridian City’s most popular citizen – at least in his own mind – Octavio is looking to be a Somebody. His big break is on the way and then comes the big payday!

🧪Dr. Anuradha Dhar: The socially awkward genius who stumbles into an invention that could change the fabric of society itself. Anu dreams of a world where no one has to kill to get ahead.

In this cinematic thrill ride, what happens next is up to you! Meet a motley cast full of misfits, assassin bots, and talking guns in this race to the top! Fight back against exploitation and corporate greed in this narrative-driven adventure.

It’s time to Make Mayhem Your Business! New Tales from the Borderlands is coming on October 21st!